Digital Factory Mastermind Step 2

How to Integrate ERP into your IIoT Infrastructure


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Digital Factory Mastermind Step 2

How to Integrate ERP into your IIoT Infrastructure

4-Hour Mastermind on Friday, Dec. 4th 8:00 AM CST

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Mastermind is a program to teach industry 4.0 professionals how to lead and manage digital transformation initiatives. Step 1 is all about the key concepts, the methods, the approaches, the pitfalls and the value propositions. Step 1 is a survey of digital transformation through the lens of how we at Intellic and 4.0 solutions successfully approach these problems -- from initial evaluation, to 'selling digital transformation' on through execution and management of the initiative. Step 2 grew out of the feedback we received from Step 1. Step 2 builds on the lessons everyone learned in Step 1 to explain the role of ERP in digital transformation while also demonstrating how to integrate an ERP into an IIoT infrastructure.

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  1.  What is the role of ERP in Digital Transformation
  2. How do you integrate ERP into IIoT Infrastructure?

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